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By Lazzy

[Module] Easy zodiac

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//Profile -> Zodiak

$month = $user_birthday[1];
$day = $user_birthday[2];

function getZodiacalSign($month, $day) {
    $signs = array("Oğlak", "Kova", "Balık", "Koç", "Телец", "İkizler", "Рак", "Aslan", "Девы", "Terazi", "Akrep", "Yay");
    $signsstart = array(1=>20, 2=>19, 3=>20, 4=>20, 5=>20, 6=>21, 7=>22, 8=>22, 9=>23, 10=>23, 11=>23, 12=>23);
    return $tpl->set('%zodiak%', $day);



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